Epilogue & Extra Features

epilogue and extras


The Epilogue is a 20-minute film that was made as a follow-up to out of the shadow. Once the film was being seen in festivals and other screenings, I was getting many, many questions about how my mother, Millie was doing. Did she still have her job? Was she still living in the same group home? Has her recovery continued? Many of these questions are answered in the Epilogue, Millie Clicks Her Heels, a positive, life-affirming and generally joyful window into our current lives.


Other extra features on the DVD include:

  • An interview with Susan Smiley, the filmmaker
  • An interview with Tina Kotulski, Susan’s sister and Millie’s younger daughter
  • An interview with Nancy Smiley, Susan & Tina’s stepmother
  • 5 short outtake scenes
  • Subtitles in Spanish & English