Out of the Shadow

The most widely used educational film in:

Schools of Nursing | Social Work | Public Health
Mental Health Centers – Training | Orientation


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October 1-8 Mental Illness Awareness Week – Have Susan Speak at your Event!

Ms. Smiley offers an authentic and moving perspective on the hardships and confusion of loving someone who suffers from a serious mental illness. With a background in cognitive neuroscience and trauma studies her matter-of-fact perspective and understanding of the healthcare system make for compelling discussions.…

A child’s experience with a mentally ill parent

The unspoken addendum to Out of the Shadow is about the survival of the children and the effects of childhood trauma. How do kids cope with having unfit parents? What is developmental trauma? How neurofeedback can resolve early trauma allowing for a healthy adulthood.  Susan speaks firsthand from the neuro-developmental perspective.…

Praise for Out of the Shadow

The most valuable training film I’ve ever used.

– Cindy Liu, Ph.D, Harvard Medical School

Out of the Shadow has grace and honesty.

– The New York Times

Out of the Shadow movingly captures a side of schizophrenia that few of us ever see.

– The Wall Street Journal